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Teams That Vacay Together, Win Together

Group travel for employees

When we think of corporate outings, the first two things that pop up in our minds are the costs involved and the efforts that go into designing the team building activities. But the upsides of such team outings outweigh these apparent downsides tremendously. While such outings are short in duration, their impact is long term. They not only improve individual performance and experience with the company but also promote team building, group cohesion and acceptance towards conflicting ideas. Let’s take a look at ways in which corporate outings could prove helpful to organizations: 

  • Attract and retain talent

Corporate outings prove to be a breather for employees amidst busy work schedules. A reflection of the organization’s care for its talents’ work-life balance, such outings help attract as well as retain talent. With the world going social, social media profiles of the organization and its people are an insight into the company’s culture. When anyone who is a part of the organization posts about such corporate outings, prospect talent gets a positive message about the organization and their willingness to work with the organization increases. Organization culture being one of the most important factors for choosing an organization, prospect talent place a lot of trust in the opinion of past and current talent about the organization’s culture.

  • Motivate the team

In order to remain motivated, teams need to feel valued and have new experiences together. Corporate outings can serve this purpose very well by changing the setting and giving team members a well-deserved break from their routine. Such outings reenergize organizational talent and motivate teams towards giving their best.

  • Nurture stronger team bonding with shared experiences

A good team is one that sticks together through thick and thin. Teams that appreciate each member’s contribution and make up for each member’s flaws create wonders. But such a bond can be nurtured only through shared experiences in and outside of work. Corporate outings are a great opportunity of gathering such experiences as they provide an informal setting that helps team members let go of their inhibitions and bond on a deeper level.

  • Improve productivity and boost creativity

It’s scientifically proven that taking vacations help boost productivity. Being away from work for a little while helps people think with a fresh perspective and come up with innovative ideas and solutions. If this is the impact on a single team member, just imagine the impact on an entire team. This exponential impact can skyrocket team productivity and help teams achieve together. 

  • Reduce stress and improve work-life balance

Today’s high-performance culture can lead to extreme stress, lack of productivity and loss of creativity. Corporate outings give teams a chance to sit back and relax giving them a break from their routines. This helps ensure there is no routine burnout and fosters happiness. This in turn contributes to employees’ overall wellbeing and better work-life balance. 

  • Inspire loyalty

All employees are expected to be ambassadors of their organization, but this is possible in the true sense only when organizations can inspire loyalty in them. For winning employees’ loyalty, organizations need to express the fact that they value their employees and place trust in them. A corporate outing can be a great way to show employees that the organization values them and would like them to have experiences that help them grow as individuals and not just professionals. 

If you are a staunch believer in a good work culture being one of the most important elements towards organizational success, huddle up with your team and get started on that outing right away!